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What’s your Emotion Telling you?

A group treatment for those who wish to understand and manage their emotional experience

What is this about?
This thematic group is intended for anyone who desires to better understand and respond to their emotional states.
While the reasons for seeking psychotherapy are many and varied, there seems to be a prevalent underlying desire for a better understanding of the self.
This group will strive to achieve that goal by encouraging an exploration of emotions and emotional expression, with the hope that members will gain a better understanding of what they are feeling, why such feelings arise, and possible ways of expressing and coping with the feelings they are having.
Given the myriad of emotions people can have trouble experiencing and regulating, we will address in 8 sessions eight different emotional states such as:
anger, sadness and grief, shame and disgust, love and desire, closeness and distance, need and anxiety.

Group Format
This unique approach is an 8-session experiental group format with 2 hour sessions every 3 weeks. Each session will be tailored towards a particular emotion.
Many sessions will involve group cohesion exercises used to establish trust between members and a sense of safety in the group.
All sessions will involve discussion around members’ individual attempts at emotional understanding, with a focus on labelling and identifying the source of emotions and a focus on the acceptance of emotions and how to use them to create healthy relationships.

This safe group setting helps you to realize you’re not alone, it offers an emotionally rich environment and gives the ability to work on, express and tolerate emotions in oneself and others.
If you are curious to discover the connections between your emotions, your body and your realtionships than take the opportunity and be a participant of this unique experience.
We can’t wait to guide you on your personal emotional Journey.

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Inga Raven   

030-955 944 46


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